A Pinch of Cravings with a Big Slice of Restraint

It seems I’m always drifting towards this page around this time of year.  I can’t explain it, but maybe I have an internal back-to-school time bell that rings from within.  I guess that’s what 13 years of the same routine will do to you.

Here’s a short list of items seeming to occupy most of my time these days, though I suspect any interested readers are already in the know:

1. Working part-time as an account coordinator at Blu Print PR.  I have been blessed to get to know the people I have and I love what I do.

2. Watching a set of recently turned one-year-old twins and their five-year-old sister…well, I prefer part-time nanny.  This family has welcomed me into their home like no other and I thoroughly love every minute I get to spend with each and every one of them.  I couldn’t be happier when I say I’ve found lifelong friends.



Image3. Using drinks, meals, concerts, drinks or meals as excuses to get together and catch up with friends.


4. More food.


Summer’s practically come and gone – though this absurd Pacific Northwest September “heat wave” may suggest otherwise – and it’s taking many of the things I grow so accustomed to in June, July and August along with it.  I’m preparing myself to bid farewell to brightly-lit summer evenings and outside gatherings, but most notably unlimited access to May’s (mom’s nickname) garden: fresh tomatoes, basil, cilantro, green beens, peas, edamame, chard, lettuce, cucumbers and much to my chagrin, zucchini …. Just to name a few.


Back to number four, I’ve been looking at food in a new light as of lately.  Rather than diet, I’ll use the choice words, “eating health.” I know this sounds cliché, but I’m watching my carbs.  Unfortunately I haven’t indulged in rustic baguettes, potatoes, pasta, ice cream, baked goods… you get the idea.  It’s tough to fight the temptation, but I know I’m better off in the end and I’m seeing results that I would like to continue seeing.  I welcome that pinch of cravings, so long as I have a big slice of restraint to go along with it. On a happier note, I’ve still been in the kitchen, baking sweet treats for others to enjoy for me.

As for that successful crop of zucchini that popped out of my mom’s garden, I’ve finally found a way to enjoy it! While it may not be the healthiest in every way possible, it fits into the realm of my low-carb regimen.  To combat my pasta cravings, I substitute it with slivered zucchini and sauté it in some olive oil.  I find it pairs best with my mom’s fettuccini al pesto sauce!

Mom’s Fettuccini al Pesto  

–       1 package cream cheese

–       ½ C butter

–       ¾ C parmesan

–       ½ C half n’ half

–       a few large scoops of pesto  (up to your choosing) – homemade is best, of course

Autumn’s on its way so it time to get creative! Pumpkin anyone? Let’s get the culinary juices flowin’!