About Erinn

Erinn picWelcome to Erinn’s Eats, a PR gal’s take on all-things food! I’m Erinn Lawson and I’m a University of Oregon graduate, forever a duck!  I graduated with a journalism degree focusing in public relations and a French minor.  The world of public relations’ endless set of opportunities, constant landscape changes and chance to work with lifelong passions appealed to me. I’m thrilled and forever grateful to have had a PR veteran mentor share her experience and sound words of wisdom with me and connect me to my first real PR job.  I’m beyond happy to be a member of the Blu Print PR team.  As account coordinator, I enjoy seeing what each day brings and can’t wait to see what the field has in store for me!

What are my passions you ask?  Naturally, I have many, but food, cooking, baking and anything that goes along with it is by far my biggest.  I’m currently exploring other culinary opportunities I’d like to add to my life’s menu. It’s inspiring.

Born and raised in a town just outside Portland, Oregon, I’ve befriended the annual rain, scenic and chilly coasts (not beaches) and the area’s one of a kind charm. It’s home for now, but there’s no telling where I’ll end up. Outside of the kitchen, I love to curl up on the couch or play with the family pooch, or any animal I can get my hands on for that matter.  I also indulge in hour-long television binges and movie marathons, make an attempt at the occasional craft or organizational project, explore new areas of the world and spend time with my family and friends.

I started this blog three years ago and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. Erinn’s Eats is still finding its place in today’s blogosphere, but I say there’s no time like the present!  Right now I’m here to share the recipes and food experiences in my life (triumphs and defeats alike) day by day and I’m ready to make my way through, one crumb at a time.  So grab a spatula and knife and join me, won’t you?


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