A Foodful Mind

Since we last met, I’ve kept myself busy with food in more ways than one.   Though to be fair, would you expect anything less?  I’ve resumed permanent place in the kitchen, cooking up recipes new and old.  Some fresh and memorable culinary endeavors (a majority of which I found in the magnificent Oregonian Cookbook I received from my parents) include:

  1. Green Beans in a warm Gorgonzola Vinaigrette
  2. Ham Palmiers with Dijon and Gruyère
  3. Cheddar Ale Soup
  4. Pot Stickers – yes, made from scratch.
  5. Monte Cristo Sandwiches – I was recently asked to help whip up a batch of them.  I can’t say I’d ever tasted one before, or had much of a desire to do so.  For some reason the ham and powder sugar combo just doesn’t spark my taste buds, but maybe I’m missing out on one of life’s absurdly adored flavor pairings.  I’m not saying the attempt was a defeat, but I wouldn’t exactly put it up there with my top successes.  So now I’m just determined to try again!  Soon enough, soon enough.  I will not be burned by that fryer!
  6. Feta Dip – The Super Bowl gave my mom and I a chance to whip up some tasty snack recipes we’d been wanting to try.  I can’t say much football was watched, but I did fall in love.  Its name is feta dip.  (Once again, I found some pinspiration.)  A quick blend of garlic, feta cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil gives you a perfect spread for veggies, pita, crackers, burgers, chicken, etc.  I still have that butterfly feeling in my stomach about it, so the possibilities are endless as far as I’m concerned.

Lately, aside from my time in the kitchen, I’ve been enamored with cooking shows.  I just can’t get enough.  Current favorites:

  1. Top Chef Seattle – always a classic.  (Though I’m sad to say the season’s winding down.)
  2. Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off (I mean, Food Network.  What’s not to love?)
  3. Bobby’s Dinner Battle (I mean, Bobby Flay.  What’s not to love?)
  4. Any episode of any Food Network show I haven’t seen.  (Let’s be real.)

I must say I was intrigued by previews for ABC’s new show, ‘The Taste’, but one episode wasn’t enough to win me over.

In other news, I’m pleased to say I officially found work related to my degree!  Can I call it my first big girl job?  Interning part-time at a small PR firm in downtown Portland gives me a chance to explore The Pearl District in a new way.  I’m loving it so far!  Aside from liking my new routine, I’m enjoying the plethora of new dining opportunities nearby.  It’s dangerous, but so exciting!  After three weeks, I can tell this will test my restraint like no other.  Already, I’ve fallen in love with:

  1. Nuvrei – A French pattiserie & café that I can’t wait to visit more.  Sadly I can’t take credit for the photos photos.  (Thank you Google.)  I desperately wanted a photo of their macaroon display but didn’t move quickly enough.  Still, you need to see this.met-103-001images
  2.   A small, charming Italian place I was treated to on my first day to celebrate the start of my internship. – I plan to return, if not for the ambiance alone, for the hope of devouring their mushroom stuffed ravioli served in browned butter.
  3.  Local Choice Produce Market – Who wouldn’t love a trendy market with a gourmet delicatessen fine wine section?  One more thing, they have wine tasting.  Let’s just say it’s at the top of my to-do list.
  4. The Portland food cart scene – Enough said.

I foresee wonderful food adventures spawning from this new journey!


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