Tardy Thanksgiving Meal Follow-Up

I realize Thanksgiving has slipped out of focus now that Christmas festivities are in full swing, but I still want to share my review because it was nothing shy of successful (in my eyes anyways).

On another note, since the big holiday feast, I’ve enjoyed a vast array of foods.  I find them 100 percent share worthy, thus, the list includes but is not limited to:

–       Individual Chicken Pot Pies – My mom, sister and I substituted turkey instead, a great way to use up all the bird leftovers!

–       Fried Smashed Potatoes with lemon, parsley and thyme – I just couldn’t get the recipe I saw watching a lemon-themed episode of Giada at Home off my mind.  Note to self, use less lemon, parsley and thyme next time.

–       Chicken Tikka Masala – Whenever I get a hankering for this Indian dish, I turn to the recipe I discovered a couple years back.  (I’ll share that another day.)  I’m loyal to it, it never disappoints.  (Something that is disappointing, however, is that it seems I have the worst luck with jalapeno burns.  I keep telling myself to wear gloves next time.  Anyone have any ideas to toss my way??)

–       Gingerbread Pear Cupcakes with Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting – Hats off to The Culinary Chronicles for this delicious recipe that’s officially assumed a permanent slot in my recipe collection.  I’m pleased to say my sister shared half of our batch with her good friend’s family; they had nothing but good things to say.

–       Chocolate Cheesecake – This chocolaty treat, found stored in my mom’s recipe box, has the perfect balance of rich and sweet that boggles my mind.  It was the perfect treat to celebrate my brother’s 19th birthday.

IMG_0739_2IMG_0729Now to the real subject at hand, those nontraditional Thanksgiving menu items and paying tribute where it’s well deserved.  I don’t want to speak to soon, but … thanks to Gluten Free Canteen and Tastespotting, it seems as though I may have started a new Thanksgiving tradition!  The gluten free biscuits exceeded all expectations and the cranberry sauce turned out just as I hoped it would.  Both are here to stay!  My mom actually admitted that she preferred the lemon cranberry combo I made to the orange cranberry recipes she’s tried in years past.  Whadda ya know?!




Better yet, our dinner guest who inspired me to embark on my first gluten free kitchen adventure appreciated the gesture more than I’ll ever know.


I believe she said something along the lines of… “just when I think I’ll never have biscuits again in my life, you go and prove me wrong”.  I’ll take that as a good sign.  Plus, it’s enough to show me that I did my job and to yet again reaffirm my love for cooking!  I love a successfully finished product that gives others a full tummy and the utmost feeling of satisfaction.

Speaking of satisfaction, here’s a shot of one of my favorite holiday foods: the breakfast braid. It just wouldn’t be a Lawson Christmas or Thanksgiving without it.  (Yes, it was featured this Thanksgiving… and it was apple, to be exact.)


Sure this is pre-oven, but the after shot didn’t exactly turn out.  I still wanted to show it and, well, it just holds a special place in my heart.  We tend to switch up the flavors for different holidays, say apple for one and peach for the other.  (The peach showcases a silky, sweet cream cheese goodness that’s hard to pass up.) Unfortunately, my mom recently discovered – the hard way – a newly developed peach allergy.  Looks like we’ll be exploring new combinations this Christmas!  No worries, I’m on it folks!

In terms of looking ahead, preparations are underway for my mom’s birthday this Sunday.  Here’s a look at the intended menu:

– Lasagna Quattro Formaggi

– Broccoli

– Green Salad

– Cranberry Apple Pie À La Mode (recipe to be selected)



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