Nontraditional Thanksgiving Menu Items

With Thanksgiving just a day away, preparations are well underway in my family’s household.  My mom and I have compiled the menu, completed the hefty shopping load (or so we think) and are working to get the house Turkey Day ready.  Today marks the start of the annual feast’s kitchen marathon as we bake our pumpkin pies, apple breakfast braids (a family tradition), a trial run of a new recipe and prep veggies for our bread stuffing (not to be confused with the wild rice stuffing to be contributed by my older brother).

Those who know me know how much I rally for tradition, at all times, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, you name it.  In fact, a recent personality test I took confirmed that my “type” values tradition.  Here’s what I can conclude from this:

  1. I can and should seriously read into my findings; they seem to be spot on (with the exception of a few career suggestions).  I’ve never pictured myself as a librarian or insurance agent, but it’s something to keep in mind I suppose.
  2. I finally have an explanation for the seemingly irrational stubbornness I express for tradition.
  3. It provides family and friends with additional ammunition to poke fun at my …particular requests.

I welcome the teasing, but really my insistence is a testament to the experiences and memories I have grown up with and come to cherish.  For that I have my family to thank.  While it’s nice to have things stay the same at times, this current transitional period I’m in (life after college/unemployed) helps open me up to the idea of change and going with the flow, you might say.  Would you look at that folks, I’m showing growth!  (Pat on back.)

On that note, I’m going crazy (or so it seems) and making a few adjustments to my favorite Thanksgiving menu items.  First of all, this year’s “nontraditional” food items include biscuits and cranberry sauce.  Stop right there.  Of course these are Thanksgiving dinner staples for most, but this year ours will be nontraditional in the sense that I’m taking them in a different direction.

I’m typically partial to the simple, yet classic, cranberry jelly, but for the sake of adding another dash of homemade love to this holiday, I’ll be using one of the many recipes for basic cranberry sauce featured on Tastespotting (one of my all-time faves).  It’s going to be a change, but one that I’m looking forward to!  It seems fairly straightforward, but you can bet I’ll be reporting back.

Every year my family looks forward to my baking powder biscuits (or so I like to think).  While I’ve developed a hearty appetite for them myself, I’ve made the brave decision to take a stab at a gluten free recipe in honor of one of our guest’s diets.  I honestly haven’t explored many of the gluten free options that exist today; then again, I haven’t really had a good enough reason to.  After careful consideration and thorough research, I’m trying a recipe from Gluten Free Canteen.  (Thanks for providing me with a new and exciting culinary challenge!)  People say gluten free doesn’t have to taste bad, let’s hope I can prove them right!  I’ll be conducting a trial run this evening.  After all, everyone will be expecting tasty biscuits and I want to live up to my reputation!

Alas, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  May your feasts be a scrumptious success!


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