Spicy and Sweet Halloween Eats

As promised, I have returned with my Halloween-themed treat review.  (Better late than never, right?) First, allow me to take a moment and point out my page’s new look!  Here’s to hoping that this fresh makeover will entice me and help me bring this page back to life.

In addition to planning an after-dinner treat fit for the festive occasion, I resorted to a hearty classic that I often enjoyed as a child on Halloween.  If my memory serves me right, there was typically a large pot of homemade chili brewing in the Crock-Pot while I decked myself out in costume, aiming to be the best Tigger, Snow White, veterinarian or Romy (or was it Michelle?) I could be .  Remembering the warm contentment I felt resting deep in my belly as I ventured into the wet and chilly fall-decorated streets, I set out to whip up a pot of my chorizo chili.

My sister and I discovered this hit recipe last winter.  It has the perfect amount of heat to make your taste buds dance, all the while enjoying the rich blend of spices and flavors.  Some things to consider:

  1. You’ll notice the recipe calls for olive oil but I find that the ground meet (whether it be chicken, turkey or beef) combined with the chorizo produces enough juices to omit the oil.  In the past, using both has given my chili an undesired oily taste.
  2. In the case of excess oil, I’ve puréed the chili with an immersion blender to fully mix all of the ingredients together.  It seems to help, plus I must say that I prefer the smoothness over the chunkiness (though this ignites an intense battle of the textures between my mom and I that I won’t get into).

As for my Halloween scene ….cake?  To be fair, it’s probably best described as a pudding treat seeing as it serves as the base of the dessert and actually has no cake whatsoever.  After mixing pudding (sugar free allows me to enjoy some guilt free indulgence) with whipped cream, sprinkling chocolate cookie crumbs for dirt, and adding whipped cream-crafted swirl ghosts and assorted decorations, you’re done!  It’s super quick and simple.

I received my share of nods of approval and was pleased with my result, even if it doesn’t exactly match up with the image I previously shared and based my culinary endeavor on.  Perhaps the white picket fence and spooky background does wonders for the appearance factor.  To top it all off, I had the ultimate pleasure of digging into it with one of my best friends, ever.  A family friend recently told me that every person has their go-to best friend, the one with whom they share a one-of-a-kind language that no one else understands.  I guess Kathryn’s mine!  We enjoyed the night lounging in our sweats, watching the most recent episode of Dexter (purposely saved to celebrate Halloween), stuffing our faces and chitchatting into the wee hours of the morning.  What can I say, it’s what we know best!  Word of advice, as you might expect, the pudding, whipped cream and candies (if used) don’t hold up well at room temperature when two gals get carried away with laughter and conversation.


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