An Appetite for Activity

Here I am once again reuniting with my blog after some time.  Given the amount of time that’s passed since my latest entry, I’d say my blog and I are both hungry for some writing.  Having graduated from college in June, I can finally say I’m done with school.  Forever!  I fully intended to devote a good chunk of my free time to reviving this page and sharing my culinary endeavors, but needless to say, things didn’t exactly go as planned.  You might say I’ve been distracted preparing for my entry into the work scene (the hunt continues!) and, alright, enjoying some down time.  I’m ready to get back into a routine and whip this page back into action!

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d use this entry as an opportunity to share a festive treat that’s on my agenda.  This summer, I took the liberty of convincing my mom to go through and organize my family’s recipe collection, a task much needed and long overdue.  Despite some resistance early on, she quickly came around and admitted it felt good to check it off the to-do list.  Aside from having a newly revised recipe system, we now have several must-try recipes: soups, sandwiches, roasts, empanadas, cakes, cookies, burgers, breakfast dishes, etc.  You name it, it’s in there.  Including this gem:

This is the desired end result, of course.  I can only hope my go turns out half as good.  I guess this serves as a little appetizer or hors d’oeuvres if you will of what’s to come.  Stay tuned, I will return with my outcome and review!


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