A Franciful Friday Feast

ImageMy good friend Jenelle recently celebrated her 22nd birthday.  Given the interest the two of us share for all-things French, and my inescapable obsession with food, I gave her a French Classics Made Easy cookbook.  Any “quick” or “easy” cookbook scores well with a college student, as far as I’m concerned anyways.  I hate to admit it but I definitely judged this book by its cover.  The picture is just too tempting.  Besides, who doesn’t love potatoes?

After thumbing through the book last Friday (and apparently working up an appetite), we decided to cook ourselves a meal.  – Yes I know, it was nearly a week ago.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things here so just bare with me. –  On the menu? Les pommes de terre dauphinoise, les champignons à la crème et une baguette.  Okay so maybe it wasn’t really a feast, but all that chopping, slicing and sautéing sure did feel a little extravagant for an average Friday night.  You get the idea.

Two spontaneous French food cravings, one quick trip to the store and one pleasant culinary endeavor accompanied by some great tunes later, we had perfectly creamy, shallot-flavored mushrooms and crispy, garlicky potatoes – we may or may not have added extra.  In case you are wondering, yes, it was delicious.  Of course we (the “chefs”) were biased, but having a few other people ask us if they could try whatever smelled so good reaffirmed our success.

I had every intention of snapping a photo of the entire masterpiece to share with all (or few) of you, but it didn’t do it justice.

I’ve heard people say that brown food doesn’t look appetizing.  Excusez-moi?  Chocolate anyone?  I have yet to see a single picture or recipe with chocolate in it that I can turn down, unless it has peanut butter in it that is.  You read right, I’m not a fan of the idolized chocolate and peanut butter combo.  I can hear the gasps and sounds of disbelief now, but we’ll save that story for another time.

Getting back to where I started, after taking pictures of the plated dish, I realized there was in fact a lot of brown, no diversity.  Note to self: add some green next time.

While I have yet to master the art of food photography (bucket list), I did manage to snag a shot of the toasty spuds fresh out of the oven.

Voilà et bon appétit!



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