Who’s Starving?

Where’ve I been?  Well considering it’s been eight months since my last post (wow) I’d say I’ve been lots of places.  When I started this blog and developed a routine of posting, I never imagined I’d be able to stay away from Erinn’s Eats for so long.  Feeling slightly ashamed, I’d like to take a stab at waking Erinn’s Eats from its long slumber.

Nearing mid-January, it goes without saying that we’re well passed the holiday season.  Though I’ve returned to school, I find I’m still struggling to transition out of break mode and into student mode.  As I say goodbye to hanging out with family, playing with the pooch, tv marathons and cooking and baking as much as possible, I welcome what looks to be a term full of reading, assignments, reading and reading.

If you’re reading this – if anyone’s out there – maybe you’re starving.  As much as I’d like to believe it’s spurred from a craving for some Erinn’s Eat’s activity, maybe you want something a little more substantial.  I thought now would be a good time to share one of my favorite kitchen successes from over the holiday season.  Before I get too far (and before you’re tummy starts to get to rumblin’) I should stop myself and tell you that I’m here to share a recipe for some canine cuisine.  While I think I whipped up some rather tasty numbers, I have the Christmas dog treats on my mind as I suffer withdrawals from my favorite four-legged golden boy.

Setting out to make something festive and special to stuff in the dogs’ stockings, my sister and I stumbled upon this recipe from Gourmet Sleuth for Parmesan and Parsley dog treats:

1 C rolled oats

1/3 C margarine

1 C boiling water

¾ C cornmeal

2 T chopped parsley

2 t chicken or beef flavored instant bouillon

½ C milk

1 C grated Parmesan

1 egg, beaten

2 – 3 C whole wheat flour

If you have these ingredients hanging around, I definitely recommend making them for you dog.  The dog, dog bone and paw print-shaped cookies, complete with mashed potato “frosting”, left my family and sister’s dogs patiently waiting with their noses pushed up against the counter and letting out the occasional sigh or whine.  They nearly took our fingers off with every bite!  Before long, my sister and I found ourselves baking several batches for six different pooches.  Looks like we’ve started a new tradition!


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