Tis the Season for Ribs… and Grilling

With spring term coming to a close, I’m anxiously awaiting the start of summer.  Am I more excited for heat and sunshine or a break from school?  At this point it’s hard to decide which sounds more appealing.  Yes I’ll be working, but I can hardly wait for late summer nights, trips to the lake and beach, camping and free time to discover and try new recipes of all sorts.  This Memorial Day weekend is my first taste of summer vacation, minus the beautiful weather of course.

To start her summer vacation a little early, my friend traveled south for a camping trip with the family and invited me to come along.  As tempting as campfire, smores and quality time with nature sounds, I had to turn down the offer.  It would have made for one busy weekend.  Instead, I decided to head home and spend the “long” weekend with the family.

As much as I wanted to head to Lake Billy Chinook, I know there will be plenty of other trips over the summer.  In fact, with all this talk, I already find myself in the camping mood.  After browsing the web some, it looks as though I’m not the only one with summertime on the mind.  Everyone’s ready to tear off their barbeque covers and clean up their grilling utensils, sharing any recipes or fun tips they have.  I’m eating up every minute of it!

Thinking of my fellow campmates (and hoping they’ve found some decent weather) a post on great camping recipes by Serious Eats caught my eye.  The 25-item list shares recipes I’ve never even tasted, especially in the great outdoors.  I’m used to the hot dog/burger, coal cooking and snacky kind of camping food.  Serious Eats’ list seems a little more complex than what I’m used to, but if they’re suggesting it, I have to believe it’s easy enough.  Besides, they look and sound down right tasty!  Care for some Grilled Pizza Napoletana, Artichoke, Olive and Lemon Pasta or Corn with Chili Lime Butter?  Yes please!  I think my upcoming summer camping adventures just reached a whole new level.  Consider it one of my summer goals to include and conquer one of these new recipes in our camping menu.

Just because I’m not camping doesn’t mean I can’t simulate the culinary experience by barbequing on my parents’ Traeger Grill.  Okay, so maybe my brother’s right, this is a bit of a stretch.  But really, isn’t it along the same lines of making smores in the microwave or a weenie roast in the backyard?  Face it, everyone wants a taste of camping every now and then.  Every time my parents ask if anyone’s interested in a barbeque grill, I jump at the chance to throw on my famous ribs.  They’re easy to make, the grill offers a nice change of pace from my usual kitchen scene and most importantly, they taste great!  Of course I think so, but my taste testers tell me the same.  So, why not keep doing my thing?  They’re marinating in my special concoction as we speak.  Before too long, I’ll be giving the ribs a second coat and transferring them to the sizzling grill.  Let’s just hope the grey sky disappears or the rain holds off until I’m done.  How many more days until summer?  Let the countdown begin!  (Paper chain link anyone?)

Flickr - D'Arcy Norman


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