Mother’s Day Meal Masterpiece

With Mother’s Day only a few hours away, I’m looking forward to spending time at home with my four siblings, 11-day-old nephew, two furry pooches, dad and of course the lady of the day, my mom.  In preparation for the special day we asked my mom what she wanted to do.  “Do you want to take a trip to the beach like last year or maybe try and do a special brunch or dinner menu?”  Neither.  “You know, I’d like to get the patio cleaned up.”  That’s mom for you, or as we like to call her, May.  (Yes, there’s a story behind the nickname, but we’ll reserve that for another time.)  Needless to say, she doesn’t have many demands or high expectations; she’ll be perfectly pleased with the company of her amusing family.  Of course, I’m determined to spice things up a bit.  What kind of a daughter would I be otherwise?

Of course I’m always in search of a way to show my appreciation and love, aside from a carefully sought out gift that is.  What better way to show it than by giving her a break from a day’s work in the kitchen?  Giving her a say in the breakfast and dinner items, I took the liberty of taking over dessert, managing to rope in my sister for the help.  Let me start out by saying that I had every intention of using my new Betty Crocker Cookbook I received for Easter, to try one of the delicious looking desserts.  White chocolate raspberry torte anyone?  I’d take some of that in a heartbeat, but I’m sorry to say it won’t be happening.  Leave it to me to forget the recipe.  So instead, I set out on a mission to find a perfect Mother’s Day dessert online.  It wasn’t hard considering my mom claims to “like any dessert”. So that explains my crazy sweet tooth.

I thought I’d start by turning to a few of my go to sites.  After little success at the Food Network, the Food Network blog the FN Dish and the Joy of Baking, I remembered my newly discovered BakeSpace site.  Sadly, we came across nothing that left saliva pooling at the corners of our mouths. Maybe my expectations were a little high, but let’s face it, what better way to find the inspiration to re-create a recipe?  After browsing through site after site, blog after blog, I finally resorted to one of my all-time favorites, TasteSpotting.  Jackpot!  Before I knew it, my sister and I had selected the winner. . .

Flickr - aboulebuckley

Flickr - kidmissile

Flickr - stephycupcake

a ginger peach and blueberry tart, to be accompanied by vanilla bean ice cream!  (Why not go all out at this point?)  How did it pass the tough test you ask?

  1. We knew, or at least hoped, it would catch a craving or two from our older brother.  He’s not much of a cake person.  Crazy I know.  I’m still trying to understand it myself.  Looks like he doesn’t take after our mom as far as desserts go.
  2. It gave yet another opportunity to use up the hundreds of frozen blueberries from last summer taking up room in our parents’ freezer.
  3. It looked absolutely delicious!

Next we set out to gather the necessary ingredients we were lacking, namely the peaches.  Four store visits later, we walked away with the best white peaches we could find in hand.  Unfortunately they’re far from ripe, so as of now they’re resting in a brown paper bag and we’re hoping that’ll help some by tomorrow.  Which reminds me, don’t we have another month or so until peaches are in season?  Maybe this recipe’s better suited for summertime, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!  Here’s what the treat’s supposed to look like, thanks to TasteSpotting:

No promises on our part, but I’m hoping it’ll be delicious if anything.  I’ll be sure to report back with results and hopefully a picture!


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