Grub on the Go

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We’ve all experienced the immediate sense of panic when we can’t find our phone or it stops working.  Sure there’s the fear of having to spend another 200 plus dollars on a replacement, but more than anything, it’s hard to imagine surviving without one, sad but true.  I have yet to enter the smart phone world, unlike a vast majority of the population (or so it seems).  Now, my outer touch screen and inner QWERTY keyboard phone that was once considered top of the line is looking out-dated and oversized.  Dare I suggest that I have today’s version of the 1970s/80s “brick” phone?  Okay, so maybe that’s taking it a little too far.  Still, you catch my drift.  Despite it’s age (only two years might I add), my phone is seriously on its last leg.  After one too many drops and some unfortunate water mishaps, my phone’s taken to shutting off whenever it pleases, especially mid-use.  Of course, why wouldn’t it punish me?  I can practically hear my phone saying, “oh she’s just about finished with this unusually lengthy text” or “she’s trying to call someone, I should make things difficult for her”.  Well, I appreciate it.  So much so that I’m now convinced I need a new phone, to which my dad responds, ”A new phone, already?  What for?  You just got that one.  I’ve had my same phone for over four years”.  Well dad, yours must be a fluke because very few phones, if any, last that long!

We did an activity in my J 452 class the other day that asked everyone who had one to pull out their iPhone or other type of smart phone.  Not all 16 students had one, but I definitely felt outnumbered.  All of us outcasts glanced around the room flabbergasted to see people to our left and right whipping out their phone to download apps for the activity.  Let’s just say, I spared myself the trouble (and embarrassment) of going anywhere near my phone.  Truthfully, as much fun as I knew it’d be, I was never fully convinced that I would take advantage of an iPhone’s every feature.  Not to sound too much like my mom or anything, but I’ve always considered it a little more complex than I need or like my phone to be.  Now, I’m starting to see things differently.  I don’t think I would mind playing around with app after app, finding the newest or neatest possible.  Besides, I’m sure once I toyed around with one a bit, I’d have it figured out (or so I like to think).  I’m sure the fact that both my older and younger brother, along with everyone and their mom, have smart phones has a little something to do with it.

Whenever I get my hands on one of my brothers or friends’ smart phones, I jump at the opportunity to explore the scads of food apps!  There are so many to choose from!  If you’re looking for a particular type of restaurant near your current location, you’re covered.  Then again, this probably isn’t new information for most of you is it?  We’ve all heard of, or probably even used, apps like Yelp, Where to and Urbanspoon at some point.  So, why not throw something new your way?  While I was browsing the many applications online, and unfortunately reminding myself of all the ones I’m missing out on, I came across this great post from Mashable.  Who knew there was an app for cooking steak at the precise temperature or finding all of the Top Chef show recipes?  Okay, maybe it’s just me, but allow me to remind you, I’m somewhat new to this.  Besides, it’s right up my ally!  I know this probably isn’t the best reason to cave in and finally purchase a smart phone or iPhone, but it’s definitely an incentive!

Besides the entertainment and everyday kitchen assisting apps I was drawn to, there is an unbelievable amount of apps designed to help meet food preferences and needs.  In one post, Fitness magazine lists some of the iPhone’s top apps for healthy eating.  It offers everything from Vegout, an app for vegetarian and vegan options to Locavore, which tells you all about fresh fruits or vegetables that are in season and where.  Let’s not forget the nutrition or calorie counting apps, great for anyone with special dietary needs or looking to get in better shape.  A friend of mine has dedicated herself to an intense weight-loss regimen for the arrival of her impending 21st birthday.  It’s been a rough journey, but she’s stuck to it.  Though I can’t speak for her, I myself have recognized how big of a role media is playing in the process.  Not only does she blog about her struggles and progress on a daily basis, she uses many of apple’s apps to keep her going and make the goal easier and enjoyable (as much as dieting and exercise can be anyways).  The calorie counting app helps her keep track of her caloric daily intake with every snack and treat devoured.  I’ve never been much of a calorie counter, I find it too depressing and sometimes discouraging, as pathetic as that sounds.  Still, it’s great that there’s an app to help people with what is, for many, one of life’s most daunting and frustrating challenges.

For now, while my brothers, friends and everyone else in the world explores the many fabulous grub apps that I’m dying to try, I’ll stand by with my unreliable phone that hates me (sigh).  I guess I’ll just have to work my charm and keep working on my dad until he’s convinced.  Come on, he’s bound to give in eventually, right?


One thought on “Grub on the Go

  1. Wrong!!! Dad is not programmed to give in. Might be a little more difficult when it is “baby girl”, but there should be enough support from other father figures to hold out, at least until this “phone on its last leg” has at least equal years of service as poor old Dad has squeezed from his.

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