Royal Dining

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By now, I’m sure everyone has tuned into, or even viewed, every detail of the highly anticipated royal wedding.  If not, I don’t know where you’ve been or how you’ve missed it.  I can’t say I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning camped out in front of the television waiting for the world’s special event.  Come to think of it, I have yet to come across a repeat airing.  I must say, however, I sat down in front of the computer at one point Friday, frantically searching the Internet for any information I could find.

The royal wedding details left most of the world asking questions and waiting on the edge of their seats.  While some held interest in the guest list, others directed their fascination towards the gown.  I too was spellbound by the bride’s stunning dress and jewelry, but surprise, surprise, I was much more excited to find the wedding reception menu. Do I even have to say that?  I suppose it’s obvious, but then again, how often do you get a glimpse at some royal dining?  When you don’t receive an invite to one of history’s biggest events, how can you possibly pass up the opportunity for the next best thing?

Of course, the worldwide royal wedding detail investigation would not have been possible, or quite as simple, had it not been for the televised broadcasting, extensive news coverage and wide variety of  Internet sources.  Thanks to a post by the Australian, I was able to find the official menu released by Buckingham Palace.  Just look at the extensive list of items:

– Cornish crab salad on lemon blini

– Pressed duck terrine with fruit chutney

– Roulade of goats’ cheese with caramelised walnuts

– Assortment of palmiers and cheese straws

– Scottish smoked salmon rose on beetroot blini

– Miniature watercress and asparagus tart

– Poached asparagus spears with Hollandaise sauce

– Quails eggs with celery salt

– Scottish langoustines with lemon mayonnaise pressed confit of pork belly with crayfish and crackling

– Wild mushroom and celeriac chausson

– Bubble and squeak with confit shoulder of lamb

– Grain mustard and honey-glazed chipolatas

– Smoked haddock fishcake with pea guacamole

– Miniature Yorkshire pudding with roast fillet of beef and horseradish mousse

– Gateau opera

– Blood orange pate de fruit

– Raspberry financier

– Rhubarb crème brûlée tartlet

– Passionfruit praline

– White chocolate ganache truffle

– Milk chocolate praline with nuts

– Dark chocolate ganache truffle

Okay, I definitely haven’t tasted everything on the list, nor have I heard of everything.  I can say some of them aren’t exactly my cup of tea (fitting right?), but it’s still fun to imagine the wedding guests nibbling on finger food after finger food amidst royalty.

As if the menu couldn’t get any bigger, oh wait there’s more.  What followed the noble feast?  Cue drum roll . . . an unbelievable, eight-tiered wedding cake covered with 900 sugar-paste flowers and ornate decorations.  It’s no wonder the five weeklong project stood center stage at the Buckingham Palace reception!  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, I love cake as much as the next person, but who cares how it tasted, its appearance alone has me drooling!


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