For most of us, there’s more to baking than cracking a couple of eggs into a bowl and mixing it with two or three carefully measured, not packed, cups of flour.  Before starting on grandma’s He-man Fudge Cookies or the summer blueberry cobbler that helps use up the abundance of fruit supplied by the bush, you have to find the recipe.  If by chance you have the mind-blowing ability to work off of memory, well, then you get the gold star of the day.  As for me, I hope to be able to say the same one-day!

Okay, so all you baking connoisseurs who don’t need recipes, let’s pretend you do just for a second.  We all know how hard it can be to find the one recipe you need.  After the wearisome task of searching through pages of cookbooks and boxes of recipes, I’m inclined to turn to the worldwide web to find the one that best resembles what I want.  As you know, there are an overwhelming number of resources out there that makes this possible.  In fact, it actually enhances your collection and knowledge of recipe ideas.  Every time I visit the Food Network  web site, I walk away with at least twice as many as I had planned.  (Can’t say I complain, nor do my friends and family who get to, okay maybe have to, give them a taste.)  As if this isn’t enough, there are loads of food social networking sites that allow users to meet other foodies and share experiences.  What’s the best one?  Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.  As for now, I definitely think BakeSpace is worth a shot.  I’m just now getting used to the cyberspace baking experience myself.  Sounds crazy, right?

Imagine expanding your recipe search with a visit to BakeSpace’s virtual pantry or your own online kitchen!  The handy recipe swap, post, and search features updates users on what tasty treat is currently cooking in their friends’ kitchens.  Come on, I know you’re intrigued.  As you might expect, the site allows users to share their passions and own baking experiences through conversations, blogs, videos and more!  Sure you’re not getting recipes or tips from Paula Deen, but that’s the best part of BakeSpace.  If you want her advice or recipes (and let’s face it, we all do at some point or another) there are plenty of other ways to get it.  BakeSpace allows you to connect with individuals around the world who are just like you.  Lord knows it’s stressful trying to live up to the same degree of success and perfection famous chefs demonstrate.  So, why not make your own BakeSpace and hear about the challenges and failures of others?  I always like some reassurance after a disappointing defeat in the kitchen, which, might I add, doesn’t happen all the time!

Here’s one of my successful baking endeavors!  Ahh but I guess that’s a bit of a stretch.  The six-batch cupcake baking frenzy was accomplished by the entire family for my brother and sister-in-law’s August 2009 destination wedding.  Yes, paired with the 90 degree weather, the task was a bit of a challenge, but towards the end we had it down, thanks to our solid six person assembly line.  Talk about a team effort!   Can you believe we actually have documented proof?  How often do you get to say that?  I just may have to add this to my BakeSpace online kitchen and recipe section, once I know what I’m doing that is.


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