Sweet Tweets

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I’m afraid we all follow people on Twitter that take the what are you doing question a little too far.  “Off to the gym” or “I want this dress” (link provided), sound familiar?  While they may think it’s worthy of a 140 character limited tweet, is it?  More importantly, how many of us actually care?  I think fabricating that inspirational, life-changing tweet is the most important, challenging and possibly daunting aspects of the microblogging site.  In fact, I’d say it’s largely responsible for my ongoing struggle with hopping on board the Twitter train.

Just recently I was challenged to yet another go at the Twitter craze. My J 452 class (Strategic Public Relations Communications) teacher, Katie Pontius, assigned the group a 48-hour session of tweeting. (In case you’re wondering, I managed but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.) Within the two days, I glanced over to realize how much lower the number of people following me was than the number of people I was following.  (Ouch!) Then it hit me, hardly any of my friends are true Twitter users.  Well, that explains my lack of obsession with the site in comparison to say, Facebook, where it’s hard to name a friend of mine without one.  Just like most Twitter users, I follow top-tweeting celebrities, sports teams, organizations, etc.  I mean, who isn’t interested in hearing Mashable’s latest news and media tips or what’s on Ellen DeGeneres’s mind?

Amidst the efforts of mastering the all-too profound tweet and familiarizing myself with the different types that have developed, I started to see more and more that Twitter has many more purposes than the dare I say, annoying update.  (Okay, yes I already knew it was a major source for news and information, but there’s so much more!) It’s a universe with several worlds pertaining to different topics and interests.  I dare you to guess who I was most interested to find.  Okay, you got it, as many celebrity chefs as I could.  Who else?  I was thrilled to find how many of them are taking part in Twitter’s world to share their tips, recipes and more!  Right now, this is the closest interaction I can get to Paula Deen and Bobby Flay, and you know that I eat it right up!  Luckily, I found an article by Mashable that pointed me to many more foodies on Twitter to follow.  Everyone from food experts and critics to celebrity chefs I hadn’t thought of searching.

Perusing through the article, I can’t help but notice how down to earth and personal the tweeting foodies are.  Their posts update followers on what’s happening in their life and invite them to take part or offer their opinion.  Why yes Emeril and Martha Stewart, I’d love to share my favorite recipes with you!  It’s a great way for them to communicate with as many of their fans as possible, all the while branding their image and personality.

After experiencing my best tweeting session yet, and realizing all that it offers, I’m vowing to keep on tweeting!  (Or at least give it my best shot.) How else will I master the awe-inspiring tweet I’m striving to achieve?  With every Twitter site visit, you can bet I’ll anxiously check in with my favorite foodies to see what projects they’re working on or what recipes they’re offering.  No matter how much joy their sweet (or salty, or sour) tweets bring me, I’ll always be looking for more of my friends to share the ultimate Twitter experience with.  So as they say, follow me!


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